Self Tanning Products




                            LUXURIOUS 1

( also available in foam and spray )

This is our lightest self-tanner. It was designed for those who would like a rich golden tan, but would like it to form gradually overtime. It comes out a clean white cream and contains only mild, all natural ingredients.

Availability : 118ml/ 133ml/ Spray  -  118ml/ 236ml/ Lotion





For an instant medium-shade tan that intensifies within three hours of application. A dark brown lotion as rich as the colour it provides.

Availability : 118ml Foam, 133ml Spray -  118ml & 236ml Lotion




       ULTRA DARK 3

Go deep and daring with Ultra Dark. Ultra Dark brings on an instant tan that grows luminous and strong... and lasts for five to seven days.

Availability : 118ml Foam -  133ml Spray, 118ml & 236ml Lotion



The most popular self tanner. For those who settle for nothing but the deepest, darkest tan available Dark Sunsation is for you! Goes on dark instantly and will last for seven to ten days. Dark Sunsation works especially well on olive skin tone type or on an already established tan.

Availability : 118ml Foam, 133 Spray, 118ml  & 236ml Lotion


Combining the 3 self-tanning essentials to save you money, the system comprises 1 x Self-Tanning Lotion, 1 x Exfoliant Body Scrub and 1 x Tan Moisturiser Maintainer.

Pack Availability :
Small Pack : Tan Overnight 2, Ultra Dark 3 or Dark Sunsation 4 : 80ml each of Self-Tanning Lotion, Scrub and Maintainer
Large Pack : Ultra Dark 3 or Dark Sunsation 4 - 236ml Self-Tanning Lotion with 266ml each of Scrub and Maintainer.