Contactors / Relays





  Generally, you do not have to replace a relay unless it goes bad. 
If your relay is defective, either all or part of your tanning unit will not run. For example, if the leg of the relay that runs to your cooling fans is burnt, your fans will not run. 
Or if the leg of the relay that runs to the top of the unit is burnt, then the top half of the lamps will not come on. 
If your unit will not come on at all, first verify that you have power coming to the bed from the breaker box. Check your breaker box first to make sure that it hasn't been tripped. 
With a voltage meter, check voltage at the tanning unit. If you have voltage coming to the unit, but the unit will not come on, check the voltage at the relay. 
If you have voltage coming in but no voltage going out, usually you will need to order a replacement relay. 
You may want to contact a licensed electrician if you do not have a voltage meter or are unsure on checking the voltage.

Generic contactors that will fit most tanning beds

Used for the power or light contactor

2 pole will replace most fan contactors

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