Meridian sunbeds are clad in high sheen metallic moulded plastic in several different colourways and are available with 160W, 180W, 200W and 225W  UV tubes in a number of different tube configurations with optional additional soft face and leg tanners.

It has a compact air displacement central exhaust system as standard and an electronic time counter on the digital control panel.

  • Optional digital control panel with electronic time counter, fan control, facial/leg booster controls, on/off switch.
  • Choice of four stunning colours.


superbly designed compact sunbeds

Meridian sunbeds represent the ultimate combination of advanced tanning technology, superb design and high quality engineering. The perfect tunnel shape ensures that the tubes are positioned close to the body for optimal tanning performance and the ingenious cooling system with central exhaust allows excellent UV penetration and maximum lamp life expectancy.

  • New compact lie-down sunbeds (dimensions for 160W model: 2.1m x 1.0m. 180W, 200W and 225W models: 2.2m  x 1.0m footprint, 1.1m high with canopy closed, 1.45m high when canopy fully open)
  • 16 tubes in base, 14 in canopy
  • Optional additional 25W soft face and leg tanners (15 of each)
  • Optional body breeze fan for exceptional client comfort.
  • Tanning times of 6 to 9 minutes.

the effective use of valuable salon space...


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