"Bringing tanning salon results to the comfort of the home"

The Marbella is the latest 18 or 22 full length tube, home domestic vertical tanning unit using 160 or 200 Watt tubes from Tanfastique giving you tanning salon results in the comfort of your own home.

The Marbella offers you the peace of mind of cleanliness, hygiene and privacy. Unlike visiting a salon, you donít have to book, travel or wait for your tanning session.


Home use stand up tanning booths


  • Once erected the Marbella is easy to maintain and clean.
  • The Marbella has 5 light weight steel powder coated white panels, including an integrated  cooling tower, providing a close proximity tanning area.
  • The panels can be adjusted to be closer or further away from the body for comfort and maximum tanning.
  • Each panel is considerably lighter than domestic foldaway sunbeds, making delivery and installation easier for the sunbed home rental trader.
  • The Marbella is an unobtrusive unit taking a floor area of less than 1 square metre Ė perfect for the home hire market.
  • The sleek and slender panels simply fit together on to adjustable brackets with the door hinged onto the panels by a scalloped hand wheel, ensuring total surround full body tanning.
  • The tubes (18 or 22) which have an all round guard protection system, are positioned close to the body for maximum tanning potential.

Double Ventilation System

  • Each panel has its own ventilation fan sucking in cool air at the bottom. The cool air then passes over the length of each tube and out of the top of the unit, ensuring that the tubes operate at the optimal temperature. This maximises tube life and minimises tanning times.
  • The Marbella comes with twin 10-minute safety timers to conform to current domestic sunbed legislation. An hour counter can be fitted on the back as an optional extra.
  • The Marbella is quick and easy to install. Two 13 Amp plugs connect the unit to the domestic electricity supply and plug in sockets on the top of the panels connect the electricity supply across each panel.

Marbella....total surround....full body....10 minute tan


  • Height  =1880mm
  • Width = 899mm
  • Depth  = 863mm

All equipment is manufactured to full CE and European safety standard