Lamp Holders





  Lamp holders are the sockets located at each end of the lamp where the lamp actually is connected to the tanning unit. 
here are a wide variety of lamp holders used in tanning equipment today. They are either for Bi-Pin lamps or RDC lamps. See our lamp FAQ for more information concerning lamp end types. 
Lamp holders work in pairs. If your unit takes a Bi-Pin lamp, the lamp usually requires a starter. In this case, on one end the lamp holder simply twists into place. On most equipment, the lamp holder on the other end not only holds the lamp in place, but also has a starter base attached. This starter base is where the starter is installed. Some units have a starter base that is separate from the lamp holder. 
In an RDC unit, you will see one spring loaded lamp holder. This is also referred to as the "male" or "telescopic" lamp holder. On the other end is "female" or "stationary" lamp holder 
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