160, 180, 200 or 225 watts

The Eclipse offers real stability and confidence in your salon equipment. With its powder-coated steel and anodized aluminium construction, it can withstand the everyday hustle and bustle of salon life. Yet underneath its simple and sturdy compact lines, it can boast top VTU technology from control gear to its unique airflow system, for a low end cost.

The Eclipse brings together:

  • Elegance and style
  • Exceptional tanning performance
  • Durability and reliability
  • Quality components
  • Customer comfort

power & confidence...

  • Easy to maintain, easy external access to serviceable components, backed by comprehensive service warranty.
  • Modular construction, easy to install and move around.
  • Quick cleaning and tube changing.

Customer Options:

  • Metallic blue or standard white
    finish. Other colours are available to match salon decor.
  • Tubes: 160 watt,180 watt, 200 watt and 225 watt 2 Mtr,
    Cleo Natural 100watt
  • 42, 48, 60 or 186 tubes
    (42 long tubes, 48 facial boosters,
    96 leg-tanning boosters)
  • Optional changing cubicle (including clothes hook and mirror)

Eclipse Specifications

  • Powder coated steel and aluminium construction
  • Circular and compact with two opening doors
  • Ultra efficient cooling: the roof fan draws up to 1.3m per second of free air through base perforations, over the lamps and client and through the room.
  • Optimal running temperature for lamps, prolongs lamp life.

External Dimensions


Height-2250mm standard 160 Watt
-2175mm shortened 160Watt
for salons with low ceilings
-2350mm 180Watt 2 metre tubes


Tanfastique recommends a gap of at least 100mm between the top of the eclipse VTU and the ceiling of the room.
Optional changing room constructed from powder coated steel (including clothes hook, shelf and mirror)

Width -1200mm

Height - 2300mm standard 160Watt
- 2225mm shortened 160Watt
for salons with low ceilings
-2400mm 180Watt 2 metre tubes

Total length (including tanning booth and changing cubicle)

Internal Dimensions - 820mm

Limited Edition:

  • Moulded silver plastic panel on both doors.
  • Plain silver plastic panel on 4 fixed panels.
  • New silver metalwork paint.
  • Black carbon-fibre moulded emergency stop panel.
  • Grill option only.
  • New style courtesy light chrome fixture complete with dichroic lamp.
  • No changing room available until early 2006