Faking It  - Spray Kan Air Tan System




How would you like a totally UV free tan?. Get Absorbed in Colour

  Airtan is the fantastic new way to give your clients a great tan. The unique spray system does not use UV tubes, which means no more hefty electric bills and anybody can enjoy airtan, even the fairest of skin types.  

easy installation - no plumbing or dedicated power supply

Self cleaning system

12 month guarantee

Service contracts available

Choice of 10 booth colours

Applies an even tan in 8 seconds

UV free - suitable for all skin types

DHA based tanning solution containing Aloe Vera


  How It Works?.  

The Airtan system uses 12 jets carefully positioned around the capsule to evenly deliver a fine mist of tanning solution. This solution contains DHA, a natural skin pigment that is readily absorbed to give a healthy tan. The tan lasts for approximately seven to ten days, (this is how long the average human takes to shed the top layer of skin). Airtan has twelve jets that surround the body and guarantee a consistent all over tan. The tanning solution is sprayed for just 8 seconds, sufficient to deliver a pleasant coating of colour. The solution is scented with aloe vera and is not unpleasant if accidentally tasted.

After the subject leaves the capsule the unit self cleans by jetting a fine mist of water through the nozzles. The airtan capsule is available in a variety of colours to suit any environment, is quickly installed and easy to maintain. The unit is guaranteed for 12 months with after care service packages available...READ MORE..  PG1... PG2