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For over two decades, Cosmedico low pressure sunlamps have been the highest performance standard for UV lighting products worldwide. By combining superior in-equipment performance with the most efficient phosphors, Cosmedico sunlamps produce more salon revenue than lower-quality, shorter-life lamps.

From the world-leading CosmoLux VHR, to our Goldarium, Hi-Tan, CosmoStar, and CosmoSun sunlamps, Cosmedico offers markets an unrivaled selection, including lamps for most formats, performance levels, and price ranges.



Whether it's for fashion, or for a more serious function, it's entirely up to you. So turn to Philips. Our tanning lamps help

to make all types of bodies beautiful. Inside and out. The CLEO range is named after the exquisite loveliness of CLEOpatra, Queen of the Nile. A name that stands for the very best in performance and quality. The most advanced materials. The very highest standards of production. Yet this is no hype. Compared to previous generations of tanning lamps, CLEO offers more constant performance between individual lamps. Which means more reliable results. So it's possible to fine-tune a tan to the colour and depth that's exactly right. Simply, CLEO means more choice.


Lamp Starters ensure your bulbs light easily time after time

Starters should be replaced when the bulbs are replaced

We carry Phillips S-12 starters

Available individually or boxes of 25










We stock various different types of Lamp Holders inc, bi-pin5, bi-pin9, Bi-pin with starter. Call for details.













Tanning Bed Capacitors

25 uF, 25 uF Long, 75 uF

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Generic contactors that will fit most tanning beds

Used for the power or light contactor

2 pole will replace most fan contactors

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